MytotalConnectComfort has been powered by Honeywell that controlling the heating, ventilation, and Air Conditioning system. It creates a gateway to convenient control, customized comfort, and energy savings. Specifically, it allows the users to remotely monitor and control the heating and cooling system very easily at anytime and from anywhere. Honeywell’s Total Connect Comfort has been worked with Honeywell Wi-Fi Thermostats and with Wireless FocusPRO, Prestige IAQ, and Prestige, Wireless FocusPRO, and EConnect Comfort Systems.

With the Honeywell Total Connect Comfort, users can able to get a wide range of advantages such as:

  • For thermostats, view and change the schedule.
  • Allows to view and change heating and cooling system settings.
  • Use the demo code before buying the thermostat.
  • Helps to view outdoor temperature and humidity when using an outdoor sensor.
  • See and change humidifier and dehumidifier settings.
  • View and set out the indoor temperature.
  • View 5-day weather forecast.
  • For thermostats that support this feature, it helps to view and change the system fan.
  • Let’s say, when more than one system has been registered, MyTotalConnectComfort allows to access multiple locations.
  • It has been provided automatic alerts to new features once they become available for users.

As Honeywell MyTotalConnectComfort has been designed with intuitive interface and versatility, it will deliver to you complete efficiency and comfort.


How to Complete Home Control with Total Connect Comfort

Step 1: Set Up your Thermostat

Initially, you should follow the steps in an instruction manual to connect it to your home’s wireless network once the TotalConnectComfort compatible thermostat is installed and tailored to your schedule and lifestyle.

Step 2: Register Online

If your HVAC system is up and running, go to the create account button and start by registering an account online.

Step 3: Create Locations

Once your Total Connect Comfort has been created and activated, you can able to click on login button to log into the account and create a location to which you will be asked to register a device using the MAC and CRC codes which provided with your thermostat. In general, TotalConnectComfort has been supported multiple locations. From the same account, a second home or holiday retreat can easily be controlled.

Step 4: Download the App

To get the maximum efficiency and optimum control, you can visit the iTunes or Playstore to download the free Total Connect Comfort app and enjoy endless control.

Login Guide to Access My Total Connect Comfort Portal

To log into MyTotalConnectComfort Account, users can get access to below guidelines such as:

  • Go to official website address from your preferred web browser.
  • Enter Total Connect Comfort Login details such as email address and MyTotalConnect Password on respective fields.
  • Tap on Login button and get access to the benefits.
  • If you have forgotten MyTotalConnectComfort Account password, click on forgot password button and recover the details.
  • If you are a first time user, click on create an account option and register for a new account easily.


My Total Connect Comfort has been offered a wide variety of functions such as remote access, fan modes, system modes, schedule, target temperature, and local weather.

Remote Access

My Total Connect Comfort allows to get instant access to your thermostat’s status from anywhere at anytime.


It helps to view and edit your thermostat’s time program remotely.

Target Temperature

Honeywell Total Connect Comfort set out a desired target temperature to be held permanently or until a given point in time.

System Modes

According to the thermostat’s system configuration, it lets to view and choose one of the various system modes.

Fan Modes

You will be allowed to view and select one of the fan modes as per thermostat’s system configuration.

Local Weather

With the use of TotalConnectComfort, users can be informed of the current weather condition and get a view of the 5-days forecast for any of your locations.

Compatible Products and Services

Honeywell TotalConnectComfort service has been worked with the different kinds of thermostat models like Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat.

Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat

Here, the system has been thoroughly tested with this type of thermostat. In the current market place, it doesn’t exclude nor guarantee compatibility with other models that can be found. In order to ensure that you have a fully working system, you please check with your local supplier and the model number of the thermostat which is prior to the purchase.

Total Connect Comfort is only compatible with Honeywell devices which have been specifically designed to make sure that the system works flawlessly.

C2 Wi-Fi Security Camera

Through the C2 Wi-Fi Security Camera, it helps to capture every moment anywhere at anytime.

W1 Wi-Fi Water Leak and Freeze Detector

It has been provided peace of mind at home or on the go.

T6 and T6R Smart Thermostat

TotalConnectComfort engineered for the comfort.